VOX MESSENGER is your new e2ee solution for secure voice and video calls and instant messaging.

Vox Messenger is a new and end-2-end encrypted alternative to other popular chat messenger apps. Vox Messenger is a real-time complete chatting app with groups and voice messages functionality.


About Our Encryption

End-to-end encryption consists of securing data between two users or end points using a private & public key for each user or end point. The data is encrypted on the end devices and remains encrypted everywhere its sent and stored until the authorised recipient opens the message and decrypts it on his or her device. Neither Vox Messenger nor any of the networks, servers, databases, or third party services will see anything but scrambled data passing through.


  • We cannot and do not read your messages (unlike WhatsApp)
  • We do not use ads or retargetting (unlike Facebook Messenger)
  • We do not sell your user data (unlike Facebook)
  • We use an open source crypto library (unlike Telegram)
  • We support access from multiple phones (unlike Signal)


The underlying encryption is provided by Virgil Security, a platform to bring powerful cryptography to every application. Built by a world-class team of cryptographers, our encryption is powered by a state-of-the-art open source crypto library, complete with elliptic-curve keys 200x harder to break than RSA. e3Kit is a client-side SDK that simplifies work with Virgil services and presents the easiest way to add full end-to-end encryption (E2EE) security to your digital solutions. e3Kit interacts with Cards Service, Keyknox Service and Pythia Service and supports multi-device access and group chat features.

Links to individual algorithms and more details on the underlying open source crypto library can be found under “SDKs and Tools” -  https://developer.virgilsecurity.com/docs/sdk-and-tools

Key Generation

  • Cryptographically strong random to generate key
  • ED25519 to sign card
Encryption and Signing
  • Cryptographically strong random to generate symmetric key
  • ED25519 to sign data
  • AES256 CBC for key wrapping
  • AES256 GCM to encrypt data
  • Curve25519 to generate shared secret
  • KDF2 to derive keys
Decryption and Verification
  • ED25519 to verify signature
  • AES256 CBC for key wrapping
  • AES256 GCM to decrypt data
  • Curve25519 to generate shared secret
  • KDF2 to derive keys
Backup Private Key
  • BLS12-381 (Pythia) + everything from Encryption and Signing
Restore Private Key
  • BLS12-381 (Pythia) + everything from Decryption and Verification

App Features



End-2-End Encryption utilising Virgil e3Kit. High speed bullet-proof encryption.

Instant Messenging

Secure and encrypted instant messenging including emojis.

Voice Calls

High quality voice calls on demand whenever and wherever you need them most.

Video Calls

High quality, crystal clear, on demand video calls to friends and families.

Location Sharing

Share what is important to you, everything from photos and videos to documents and your location.


Featuring 'Incinr8', true handset and database burning of your messages. Never leave a trace again.


See some of the screenshots of our awesome app.

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