VOX MESSENGER: Communicate safely with our private and secure messaging platform.

Vox Messenger is a new and end-2-end encrypted alternative to other popular chat messenger apps. Vox Messenger is a real-time complete chatting app featuring true message burning, screenshot protection and post-quantum protection.


Small, lightweight and faster than the competition. Check out our features.

App Features



End-2-End Encryption utilising Virgil e3Kit. High speed bullet-proof encryption. If your data is only encrypted in transit and at rest, it’s still vulnerable to developer error and security issues at your service providers. With end-to-end encryption, only your end-users decrypt their data – protecting them and you.

Instant Messenging

Secure and encrypted instant messaging including emojis. Can you tell if a message really came from a trusted user or from somebody else? Our system uses multiple layers of user key verification in order to ensure the integrity and utility of messages.

Voice Calls

High quality voice calls on demand whenever and wherever you need them most. Speak to anyone in the world with an internet connection or a phone number. Clear & crisp voice quality.

Video Calls

High quality, crystal clear, on demand video calls to friends and families. Make and receive, crisp and crystal-clear 1080p, real-time video calls to anywhere in the world over a data connection or WiFi.

Media Sharing

Share what is important to you, everything from photos and videos to documents and your location.


Encrypted and fully audited, featuring 'Incinr8', true handset and database burning of your messages. Decrypt and verify that the data wasn’t tampered with or 'peeked' at.

How We Differ from the Competition

We are very different to our competitors. Not only is our company designed to be ethical and transparent in its operations with the wider world but it actively believes in and promotes human rights and privacy. Our app is designed to provide a secure experience while maintaining userability. We do not compromise on security to fit design or profitability.

  • We DO NOT sell your data.

  • We DO NOT sell access to your data.

  • We DO NOT store messages once the user has deleted them.

  • We CAN NOT read your messages or shared content.


Store messages after user deletion.

Susceptible to Buffer Overflow Memory Attacks.

Susceptible to Man in the Middle Attacks.

Provides data to Governments and Corporations.


Store messages after user deletion.

Sell user content and data for analytics.

Provide access to ad-networks and publishers.

Provides data to Governments and Corporations.


Store messages after user deletion.

No support for multiple devices.

Connected user databases for groups and companies.

Provides data to Governments and Corporations.

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Vox Messenger recently graduated from YC Startup School and is ranked in the Top 40 on Pioneer.


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Vox Messenger is First of the Vox Alive Platform

VxM Range


Ad-Free and Encrypted

  • Real-Time Chat
  • Phone Calls
  • Video Calls
  • Voice Messages
  • Notifications
  • and More


Whitelabel Dedicated Edition

  • Whitelabel Solution
  • Business Logic Integration
  • Deployment
  • Remote Assist
  • Full Technical Support
  • Monthly Updates

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